Some news

Happy new year!

It has been a great but crazy few months! Ian and I bought a house and moved, and we are still in the midst of renovations! Albus is getting accustomed to his new palace (it seems he is king of the new house, just like before...!), he is finding new places to hide and play. The holidays are almost over, soon I get back to work at the KWS, but I still have a few more days to keep making progress on the Barber concerto, which I will be playing with KWS in April. It has been a tricky balance of rest and practice since I have had problems with tendinitis in the left arm since late October. It is getting better though, so I have hope! Ian and I are thinking of adopting a new cat or kitten in the near future, we'll see how this develops!

P.S. People in the Kitchener area, check out an article in the Grand Magazine, I also made the cover...!